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The gallery has moved from Cornwall to London
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Up and running very soon and in the meanwhile open by appointment in Battersea.
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Stephen Chambers R.A. 
Beneath the Golden Tree 

Some of the New monotypes by Stephen Chambers made especially for his Beneath the Golden Tree exhibition, are still available, as well as limited edition prints


Stephen Chambers Coppice / Golden Tree  2017
Monotype  45 x 65 cm


Stephen Chambers State of the Nation / Yellow Shirt  2017  
Monotype 45 x 65 cm

Petronilla Silver @ Tremenheere Gallery
Exhibition Tremenheere Upper Gallery

Stephen Chambers R.A.
Beneath the Golden Tree
New Monotypes and Original Prints 
Ended 16 July
View the Monotypes here

View the Prints here

We are very fortunate to have shown Stephen Chambers’ work, when his spectacular installation The Court of Redonda - 101 oil on panel portraits of an imaginary court dominated by those who create things - was exhibited in Ca’Dandalo, Venice - as a Collateral Event of the 57th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia.

The Tremenheere exhibition included a new set of eight etchings related to the Venice project: The Occupants


The Occupants 2017 Etching Ed. 30 from a set of 8 Paper size: 45 x 40 cm


Casanova 2014 A set of 13 etchings Ed. 25 Paper size 36 x 29 cm

More sets of original prints included the popular 
My Shitty Sisters 


My Shitty Sisters a set of 18 etchings Ed. 25  41 x 51 cm


Stupid Stupid  2015 Etching Ed. 25  Set of 4 33 x 28.5 cm


Petronilla Silver @ Tremenheere Gallery
Exhibition Tremenheere Lower Gallery 

Changing Group Exhibition
More Than Meets the Eye 
Ended 16 July  
Some works still available

Curated by Petronilla Silver, More than Meets the Eye was a changing exhibition of artwork including Mick Arnold (ceramics), Nicola Bealing (monotypes), Anthony Bryant (wood vessels), Richard Cook (painting and drypoints), Ander Gunn (photographs), Tony Hayward (mixed media), Irene Lees (drawings), Louise McClary (paintings), Sheila Oliner (original prints), Michael Porter (painting and work on paper), Marta Rogoyska (tapestries), Nicola Tassie (ceramic sculpture), Janice Tchalenko (ceramics) and more.


Janice Tchalenko Vessel 2017 Porcelain Height 40 cm


Irene Lees A Mother’s Despair (from Boko Haram series)  201


Michael Porter Beside the Path 25-03-17 
Oil and acrylic on canvas (diptych) 110 x 243 cm


Ander Gunn Teddington 1968
Photograph Ed. 15 51.5 x 60.5 cm


Tony Hayward Overhanging Branches  2016-7
Mixed media 31 x 45 x 32 cm


Louise McClary Holding Water 2017
Acrylic on canvas 127.5 x 127.5 cm


Sheila Oliner Dusk 2009
Aquatint burnished with gold  Ed. 20 17.7 x 17.7 cm


Mick Arnold Tall Porcelain
Bowl 26 x 22 x 22 cm


Marta Rogoyska The Territory  2016
Wool on cotton warp 45 x 52 cm


Richard Cook Holding Close 2007
Oil on canvas 153 x 184 cm

Collect: The International Art Fair for Contemporary Objects 2nd - 6th February 2017 


Photo: Sophie Mutevelian Courtesy of the Crafts Council

Melanie Georgacopoulos Jewellery 
Tony Hayward Mixed Media 
Marta Rogoyska Tapestry 
Nicola Tassie Ceramic sculpture
Janice Tchalenko Ceramic Bowls And Vessels

We were delighted to have shown for the fifth time at Collect, at the Saatchi Gallery. Five artists we exhibited:

Melanie Georgacopoulos showed her stunning jewellery – this year for the first time using mother of pearl.

Tony Hayward showed his extraordinary three dimensional assemblages this time made from found small-scale paintings showing peopleless landscapes. 

Marta Rogoyska showed her distinctive tapestries with abstract images in hand dyed exuberant colours

Nicola Tassie showed new pieces which continue her experimentation with the functional, functionally ambiguous and sculptural.

Janice Tchalenko showed new porcelain bowls and vessels