Petronilla Silver - Irene Lees

Irene Lees

Twice selected for the Jerwood Drawing Prize (2005/2007). Monochrome hand-written text creates images of corsets, iguanas, pots. Irene is fixated with ideas of entrapment, literal and metaphorical. Recent work composed of her close knit text is inspired by Turner Prize artists: Damien Hirst, Grayson Perry, Chris Ofili and Tracey Emin.

<p><span>Irene Lees </span><em>A Mother’s Despair (from Boko Haram series)  </em><span>2017 </span><span>Handwritten text ink on paper 71 x 53 cm</span></p>

Irene Lees A Mother’s Despair (from Boko Haram series)  2017 Handwritten text ink on paper 71 x 53 cm

<p>Irene Lees <em>Endangered Species - Guantanamo Bay </em>(detail) 2009 Handwritten text on paper 74 x 55 cm</p>

Irene Lees Endangered Species - Guantanamo Bay (detail) 2009 Handwritten text on paper 74 x 55 cm

<p>Irene Lees <em>Untitled</em><span> Handwritten text on paper</span></p>

Irene Lees Untitled Handwritten text on paper

<p>Irene Lees <em>Untitled</em><span> (detail) Handwritten text on paper</span></p>

Irene Lees Untitled (detail) Handwritten text on paper

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