Petronilla Silver - Nicola Bealing

Nicola Bealing

A skilled draftsman and colourist, educated at Byam Shaw, and now living in Cornwall, Nicola Bealing’s painting often pokes fun at the viewer and the world. Under her humorous but unforgiving gaze man and beast are often portrayed as slightly absurd. A painting of a beautiful carpet is, on a second look, seen to be composed of meticulously arrayed insects each part: leg, wing, antennae, contributing to an effect which is intriguing and amusing but also mildly unsettling. 




<p>Nicola Bealing<em> <em>Vivarium</em> </em>2017 Oil and spray paint on linen 182 x 121 cm (work in progress)</p>

Nicola Bealing Vivarium 2017 Oil and spray paint on linen 182 x 121 cm (work in progress)

<p>Nicola Bealing <em>Sea Sick</em> 2017 Oil on linen 137 x 121 cm</p>

Nicola Bealing Sea Sick 2017 Oil on linen 137 x 121 cm

<p>Nicola Bealing <em>White Rose Bowl with Eyes</em> 2015 Oil on aluminium<br />40.5 x 49.5 cm</p>

Nicola Bealing White Rose Bowl with Eyes 2015 Oil on aluminium
40.5 x 49.5 cm

<p>Nicole Bealing <em>Collection</em> 2010 Oil on linen<br />40 x 60 cm</p>

Nicole Bealing Collection 2010 Oil on linen
40 x 60 cm

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