Petronilla Silver - exhibitions

Petronilla Silver @ Tremenheere Gallery
Two exhibitions 
curated by Petronilla Silver
Summer 2017

Stephen Chambers R.A. 
Beneath the Golden Tree 
New Monotypes and Original Prints 

Changing Group Exhibition
More Than Meets the Eye 


Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens
Gulval, Penzance TR20 8YL

We are delighted to have curated two exhibitions in this stunning new-build gallery in Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens. 

Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens and Gallery
Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens is set in a 22 acre landscape with exotic and sub tropical plants. The valley is wonderfully sheltered and has spectacular views towards St. Michael’s Mount. Sculpture includes work by James Turrell, David Nash, Peter Randall Page and Tim Shaw.

Gallery open Tuesday-Sunday 11.00 am - 4.00 pm
Free admission

Gardens open Daily 10.00 am – 5.00 pm.
There is an admission charge for the Gardens

Tremenheere Kitchen
Tremenheere Kitchen is open daily
10.00 am – 4.00 pm

Very popular with delicious food.

New Hang, New Work on Cape Cornwall  


A new selection of ceramics by Nicloa Tassie


Mick Arnold Porcelain tableware

Gary Allson burnt oak bowl and platter
Mick Arnold porcelain tableware
Nicola Bealing paintings
Anthony Bryant  green wood vessels
Stephen Chambers paintings and screenprints and lithograph
Sarah Drew Jewellery made from found objects
Ander Gunn photographs
Maggi Hambling paintings and original prints
Tony Hayward mixed media
Louise McClary paintings
Rebecca Oliner drawings
Sheila Oliner original prints and drawings
Clementina van der Walt  press moulded earthenware and a group of work The Leach Challengemade during her residency at The Leach Pottery this year
Marta Rogoyska Tapestries
Caroline Schuck Polymer clay jewellery
Nicola Tassie ceramic sculpture and installations including Murmuration and Squall: 2 sets of five porcelain cylinders arranged in a line
Janice Tchalenko new porcelain bowls and vessels

Other work in the Gallery
Irene Lees drawings
Michael Porter mixed media


Sara Moorhouse The St. Ives Collection 2014-16


Sara Moorhouse The St. Ives Collection a group of 32 bowls.
Shown above: 3 bowls from The St. Ives Collection
Largest: height x width 21 x 45 cm / Smallest: height x width 8.5 x 14 cm

View The St. Ives Collection 32 bowls here

On show now is a group of work by Sara Moorhouse, a ceramicist new to the Gallery. She won the 2014 Creative Wales Award from Arts Council Wales and used it to make The St. Ives Collection – a group of 32 bowls with bands of colour inspired by the light and colour particular to St. Ives.

She has always been interested in the way colour can alter spatial perception, a phenomenon she first noticed in agricultural landscapes in Wales.


Sara Moorhouse From The St. Ives Collection height 20 cm

She says “The St. Ives series is quite a departure from my previous works. Not only has the colour palette changed but the use of high gloss bands has determined a new shape. On the outer surface of my previous conical shapes, high shine bands of colour display little reflection. However the outer surface of the curved bowl abundantly reflects light. The reflecting bands against matt bands suggests apparent indentations and a new surface that is alluring due to its ambiguous and glass like appearance.

Mike Tooby writes: “I am excited by the opportunity to see Sara Moorhouse's new work The St. Ives Collection in the context of a show at Petronilla Silver Cape Cornwall. I was on the Creative Wales award panel that supported her plans to spend time working in Penwith. We were confident that it would build her already substantial practice and generate fresh ideas. So it proved. Each time she returned from her working visits to Cornwall her Cardiff studio filled with photographs, notes, studies and test pieces. This period of experiment has now led to the flourishing of her new work.  A new crispness of light and a nuanced sense of form is apparent. The context of looking out over sea and sky could not, of course, be more fitting.”

Mike Tooby is an independent curator and writer based in Cardiff, and is Professor of Art and Design at Bath School of Art & Design, Bath Spa University

He was founding director/curator of Tate St Ives.

Ceramics Now: What’s Happening? Who Cares?
Sunday 21st August


Above left to right:  Nicola Tassie,  Sara Moorhouse,  Mike Tooby
Nicola Tassie Sea View 2005 4 part still life set Stoneware with glaze and slip. Pop after Lichtenstein 2005 Set of 3 pierced jars Earthenware with tin glaze Stephen Chambers Stealing things – Bicycle Thief 2015 Oil on linen Table: Sara Moorhouse bowls part of The St. Ives Collection a group of 32 bowls


A lively informal discussion with Mike Tooby took place on Sunday 21 August. Nicola Tassie and Sara Moorhouse talked about their work in the context of the game-changing ceramics being made and marketed today.

Functional, functionally ambiguous or sculptural? Potter, ceramicist, maker or artist? Fine artists working with clay.  Ceramicists showing in fine art galleries. The Great Pottery Throw Down on TV. Status of ceramics in art education.

Mike Tooby
Mike Tooby is an independent curator and writer based in Cardiff and is Professor of Art & Design at Bath School of Art & Design, Bath Spa University. He was the Founding Director/Curator of Tate St. Ives

Nicola Tassie
Nicola Tassie’s jugs and bowls were a permanent and popular feature of the Wills Lane Gallery exhibits, and her installations, shown by us at Collect 2015, were a sell out. Her new work continues to experiment.

Sara Moorhouse
Sara Moorhouse – a ceramicist new to the gallery, won the 2014 Creative Wales Award from Arts Council Wales and used it to make The St. Ives Collection 2014-2016  now in the gallery – a group of 32 bowls with bands of colour inspired by the light and colour particular to St. Ives. She has always been interested in the way colour can alter spatial perception. For the opening of the new Centre of Ceramic Art at York Art Gallery she exhibited a group of 27 bowls based on the arable landscapes of Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire.

New Display from October 26th

Maggi Hambling

3 New Oil paintings on board
Sea at Sunset (1)  2015  27 x 23.3 cm
Sea at Sunset (2)  2015  20 x 26 cm
Night Club  2015   21.5 x 23.5 cm

and a wonderful collection of 22 etchings see images

Michael Porter

Showing two new 2015 oil on photograph works
see images 

Nicola Bealing

New paintings see images of Nicola Bealing’s work.  Bealing often plays with the viewer's expectations as with her series of Infested Carpets with beetles and butterflies she pokes fun at the world. Man is portrayed as slightly absurd often co-existing with a myriad of moths, birds, fish, bubbles, whatever and even his fellow man.

Loiuse McClary

Born in Cornwall where McClary lives and works, and draws inspiration for her canvases.

Richard Cook
6 new paintings see images 

Anthony Bryant
Just completed wood bowls 



<p>Nicola Bealing <em>Small Infested Carpet</em> 2014 Oil on linen 121 x 91 cm</p>

Nicola Bealing Small Infested Carpet 2014 Oil on linen 121 x 91 cm

<p><em>King of the Birds</em><span>, 2015, </span><span>Oil on linen, 137 x 122 cm </span></p>

King of the Birds, 2015, Oil on linen, 137 x 122 cm 


Maggi Hambling Sea at Sunset (2) 2015, Oil on board
6.5 x 13 cm